Special Event

Waste and Recycling Strategy 2018

New: 19th of June 2018 in Hanover, Germany

Agenda and registration:
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Currently German language only; English simultaneous translation only in case of major demand / reception of a sufficient amount of international registrations

Venue and accommodation ​Hotel Wienecke XI. (Same as our Waste-to-Resources conference)


​Exhibition and sponsoring

The increasingly difficult export conditions of secondary materials to China lead to changed volumes and higher quality requirements in the waste and recycling industry. Is this the opportunity for a technology leap? Which technically and economically viable options for the expansion of the circular economy in terms of higher-value recycling are currently available?

Another challenge for the recycling industry is the change in waste composition. A major change for metal recycling could result if, in the course of electromobility and lighter bodies, substantial parts of future automobiles should be made of composite materials instead of metal.

These these will be analysed and discussed at the Waste and Recycling Strategy 2018 on 24 May in Hanover.